Genre R&B, Funk

Band Members

Fred Alexander Jr.
Marvin Craig
Fred Lewis
Stephen Shockley
Norman Beavers
Edwin Guyton
Johnny Rogers
Will Shelby
Thomas Shelby
Otis Stokes
Leanard jackson (Sound Engineer)



Dayton, Ohio


Record Label

New Lake City Music



The Baddest Band In The Land!


Current Location

Los Angeles, CA


General Manager

Lakeside. Fred Alexander: 972-365-5521


Booking agent

Fred Alexander New Lake City Music: 972-365-5521/ Jeff Epstein Universal Attractions: 212-582-7575/ Roger Redding Agency: 478-742-8771/ Big Bloc Ent: 215-517-7834/ Pyramid: 212-242-7274/ Derrickson & Assoc.770-306-4145